Difficulties of Standardization of Operating Procedures

Standardization of workflow is a vital step for further growth of enterprises when they reach a particular scale. During standardization, paperworks are highly relied on to manage workflows and documents. However, a lot of enterprises encounter various unsolvable problems like lost of receipts, inability to manage workflows, difficulties in inter-department communications and operation, and the decreasing effectiveness and efficiency brought by. There could be further serious problems like unclear line-manager, management’s difficulties in understanding fine-details of operation, and unable to report individual’s performance through objective figures. A lot of problems are then hid and ‘disappear’ but in fact they remain. To solve all these problems, a strong leader, together with a powerful and flexible Business Process Management system, will be a probable solution.

Challenges Encountered for Automation of Office OA System and Workflow System

Standardization of enterprise workflow could be a difficult project and task. Introduction of a wrong information management system could even be a.greater disaster. Ordinary office automatic system only focuses on general management of enterprise workflows like buying requisition, purchasing and staff’s leaves. However, for a company to succeed, its key competence will never be on this kind of flows, instead it’s the minor differences of workflow due to differences in nature of businesses that matter. Under this circumstance, integration of a fixed logical OA or Workflow system, and to request enterprises to get familiar with is, could be rather ridiculous. From another point of view, if every enterprise is ordering a tailor-made Workflow system, it will be very costly especially for start-up businesses.

OmniBPM Would Be the Solution to All Your Troubles

A good BPM system shall be able to cater for specific workflows of different industries. This is OmniBPM system is developed. By making use of OmniBPM, Enterprises could manage and optimize their workflows in the shortest period of time. The design of forms and editing of workflows are conducted through the method of What-you-see-if-what-you-get (WYSIWYG). An ordinary workflow editing will only take 20 minutes and such a high efficiency will not only reduce the difficulties in inputting different data, more importantly the operation of the company will be made more flexible. The workflow could be renewed every time on demand and no longer enterprises have to be limited by a fixed system.


Competitions between enterprises are changing every day, whereas this implies that the internal operation of enterprises shall keep changing too. Every flow of OmniBPM could be changed in accordance to such needs, whenever it’s adding or deleting fields, or revising the paths of approval, or, adding or deleting approving supervisors, they could be done anytime and will not affect currently operating workflow. Revised workflows could also be executed anytime and functions of integrations between new form and old form are available. More than that, record of revision will be available and this could be restored anytime. It ensures your enterprise could progress anytime without any delay.

Workflow Engine

The workflow engine of OmniBPM has a high flexibility and of full functionality. While ordinary OA and workflow system rely on progressive approval/concurrent approval as approving units, OmniBPM develops a unique Directed Acrylic Graph (DAG) workflow engine. Whenever it’s a progressive approval with concurrent approval, or concurrent approval with progressive approval; and an additional concurrent approval, they could be done easily. DAG enhances the efficiency of enterprises. In the past enterprises may lack a flexible system to solve all these problems and inter-departmental works may have to be done step by step, but now OmniBPM allows parallel execution of such tasks and they could be monitored real-time. Workflows could be facilitated but also quality could be maintained.

Instant Updates

In OmniBPM, tasks of all workflows could be monitored anytime. This means that progress of important works need not be confirmed by different departments separately but they could be obtained real time. All participating members could refer to different tasks, people involved in, their comments and the time spent immediately.

Flexible Report

All workflows and forms in OmniBPM could be exported as reports without any additional procedure. The reporting system allows a flexible selection of fields and criteria and has the reports ready immediately. You will always get up-to-date reports during meeting. More than that, administrators could also set up different rights and priorities for different members, even including fields and selection criteria. This ensures the confidentiality of your business.

Workflow Dashboard

Embedded workflow dashboard of OmniBPM could monitor the progress of all tasks within the enterprise. This includes the number of executed tasks, time spent, tasks completed, pending tasks, etc. The delayed or jammed tasks could be solved immediately. Statistics of workloads of respective persons could also be monitored and there will no longer exist any imbalanced works between labours. Workloads of respective persons could also be quantified which serves as basis for evaluation. No more evaluation is to be done through impression but there exists objective data which could serve as reference.

Project Management

The embedded tag system of OmniBPM could allow tagging of documents by both individuals and corporate management. After adding such tagging by respective project manager, the details of all workflows will be listed out in one goal. Administrators could make use of this to monitor progress and understand the difficulties encountered so they could manage this actively.

Email Notification

Each and every member of the company will receive their respective tasks every day so they can well manage their own works. Line manager will also receive their subordinates’ task lists and guidance could be provided immediately if deemed necessary. Unbalanced workflows could be rearranged and for those who are not keeping up with the tasks, this could be solved immediately too and managements are now made easier.


Operation of enterprises could not stop because of leave of any person. Delegation function is embedded into OmniBPM so operation could remain continuous. Approval made by delegates also contains full record so to enhance their sense of responsibilities.

Cloud Storages

Additional files during workflows may be uploaded onto cloud and no additional forwarding will be necessary. More than that, corresponding files will also be managed and monitored by OmniBPM so files will not get lost or wrong. Files will be backed up using cloud system so key files will not be lost.

Full-Text Search

Full-text search is available in OmniBPM. All files which could be accessed could be searched. Historical information could be searched conveniently without the problems of difficulties in locating any file after filing.

Convenience Brought by Cloud

OmniBPM is developed based on cloud technology, which means that users and administrators could access information anytime at anywhere and have them done immediately. Through apps available on iOs and Android, office is where their mobile phones are located. Integration of information during business trips, visits and sub-branches will not be difficult and the enterprises will be a stronger one.

Transparent Information

Communications channels based on forms and workflows are available in OmniBPM, which means that participants of every workflow could give their comments, share their resources and access related tasks. Searching functions allow information to be searched using simply keywords to assist the workflows. Interdepartmental communications no longer rely on mere texts. All forms and workflows could be stored permanently and searching could be done easily. There will no longer exist problems on workflows once someone leaves the company.

System Integration

At the initial design while designing OmniBPM, our company has already considered the needs of integration with difficult current system. Making use RESTful open-source API ports, integration with ERP or MES will not be a problem. More than that, enterprises could also connect the system with other databases so OmniBPM will be able to import those fields automatically without any gap.

Urgent Notice

Urgent Notice could be made for important tasks. They will be sent through email, of push notification of iOS and Android. Such notice will only be sent to related persons. Important messages could reach them immediately and passive administration may now be turned to an active one. Everything could be done smoothly.