OmniBPM solution
The omnibpm team dedicated to create a BPM solution which can provide real savings in cost and labors. We understand most people are frustrated by various time-consuming workflows, and we feel your pain. OmniBPM brings more flexible solution for enterprises and helps you build a real high-efficiency business process management system.
No writing programming codes necessory
Our DAG workflow engine enables flexible process design
OmniBPM provides real-time analytics, and helps manager to manage project progresses
Companies with multiple branches can also process all processes quickly and seamlessly
Break the geographical restrictions of work spaces and make all the information transparent
OmniBPM App provides users to access information anytime anywhere.
RWD responsive design, compatible with all kinds of devices including desktop, tablet, and phones.
The built-in notification system keeps people posted
GPS real-time check-in & check out, no matter where you are
Integration Ready
RESTful API enables integration with external systems such as ERP or MES.
Link to other platforms, such as Slack, and keep you always posted.
Compatible with Window, Mac, Android, iOS.
Fully managed BPM solution
Security is our first priority!
We perform hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly backups, so you don't need to worry about the data loss.
Hot-standby databases to ensure high availability.
Embedded workflow dashboard which could monitor the progress of all tasks within the enterprise
OmniBPM develops a unique Directed Acrylic Graph (DAG) workflow engine which allows parallel execution of tasks
Difficulties of Standardizing of Operating Procedures
OmniBPM is the Solution to All Your BPM needs
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