No.1 the most flexible business process management system

Help organizations continue improving and accelerate growth in the shortest possible time
Drag-and-drop your own forms and workflows has never been easier.
5 steps to design your own forms and workflows
Collect Forms and Workflows
Design Forms
Draw Workflows
Define and Set Permissions

Our Goal

Save 70% time on workflow system deployment and increase 30% process efficiency

Take control of myriad processes on paperwork, make business processes transparent
Our flexible workflow engine reduce time to craft forms and workflows
Our flexible process engine can adapt to various industries, and workflows can be updated on-the-fly anytime.
Our dashboard enables mangers to monitor and measure how efficiently the process isworking.
Improves corporate efficiency instantly!
Reasons why people loves OmniBPM
Open API
OmniBPM integrates and glues other enterprise software together
Microsoft Azure
OmniBPM can adapt to various industries
Biotechnology Industry
Service Industry
Financial Insurance industry
Electronic Technology Industry
Cultural and Creative / E-commerce / Energy Industry
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